A wanderlust young woman is given insight into a secret looming in her family that reveals the hidden truth. An Australian adventure awaits!
The cast we have chosen are both dedicated and quite talented for the roles that they will be portraying in this film.
Talent Includes: 
.Thad Brown - Walter O'Keefe
.Yolanda Porter - Elerada O'Keefe
.Neil Richard Green - Paul Blath
.Camilla Susser - Catherine Blath
.Kristel Borraccino - Allie Blath
.Brian Cristofono - Rick Hasseling
.Bogdan Yakubets - Adam Alder
.Leah Brown - Elise Blath
.Bryan Muche - Augustino Tumicelli
Leah Brown
Leah was born in California and spent her life in Wisconsin. Leah discovered her love of the creative arts at a young age. From cartoon impressions starting at the age of four (currently a VO artist and has had training with names like Sara Sherman, a Disney casting director), acting in theatre all throughout high school, musical arts (composing and playing), writing and drawing arts; these are her passions. Her Creator, family, friends and the outdoors are the foundation of where her heart resides.
Alaina Myers
Alaina was born and raised in Hastings, MN and graduated from Hastings High School. From there, she went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she earned double Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in English: Literature, Culture and Media and Film Studies. After her time at UWM, she went on to earn a Master's of Arts degree in Filmmaking from Kingston University outside of London. After Kingston, she had the opportunity to work on film sets in Spain, London, Minnesota and Los Angeles before making her way back to the Midwest to teach film at a residential treatment facility for teenagers. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Amongst Wildflowers Creative. In her free time, she volunteers as a videographer and editor for local nonprofits. She is also a self-published poet and enjoys finding inspiration for her writing in nature and during her travels abroad and stateside.
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